Located in Vivo City, overlooking Sentosa Island, Thai Accent will surely amaze you with Thai cuisine like never before. The moment you step into the restaurant, you will not only be greeted with warm Thai hospitality but also a stylish and funky décor giving it a retro and clean feeling to this iconic restaurant.

The menu offers a simple yet tasteful selection of Thai cuisine. There are a number of omissible items, including the superb Tom Yam seafood soup with spices that will surely leave a tingling feeling on your taste buds. For a totally unique Thai cuisine experience, give Green Curry a try, carefully blended herbs with a light touch of coconut cream, served with a choice of chicken or beef.

Another signature dish here at Thai Accent is our Steamed Siakap with Lime and Chili Sauce. This is a sublime explosion of tastes combining sweetness of the fish with the sourness and spiciness of its accompaniment of chili, lime, garlic and other herbs.

Conclude your meal with a traditional dessert of Mango Sticky Rice will surely give an ‘accent’ to a satisfied meal.